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For the past 10 years, Lew Bayer who is nationally recognized as one of the leading experts on civility has been teaching,  speaking, and writing about civility…civility at home, civility in the community, civility at work, civility around the world AND of course civility to OUR CHILDREN... Click Here to learn more about Lew.  Email Lew at Lew@CivilityExperts.com or call Toll Free 1-877-810-0278.

With satellite offices in Calgary, Regina, Toronto, and Montreal Canada as well as in Texas, New York, and Indiana, USA, and now in Asia-Pacific, and Hong Kong, the experts at In Good Company, offer civility training and train-the-trainer workshops at www.EtiquetteTrainTheTrainer.com & www.StartYourOwnEtiquetteBusiness.com along with a range of books and skills-based learning materials and are available around the world.

Our products focus on problem solving, decision making and self-help, while promoting interpersonal communications.  These are key elements which contribute to everyone's development, self esteem and confidence.

Please Click Here to view our Manners Minutes "School" Edition.

Looking to incorporate manners into your home setting? Please visit us at www.HomeMadeManners.com for our Homeschool Edition of Manners Minutes.

If you are interested in adding to any of the Manners Minutes programs please visit www.EtiquetteTrainingToolkits.com so you may build your own etiquette based business with the products YOU want on the topics YOU need.  The Civility Experts offers 3 Build Your Own Toolkits to suit every style and budgetClick Here to learn more...

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In Good Company is the Authorized Canadian Distributor of the Classy Kids LLC Manners Minutes Products.